Back in the Day: India vs. America

I identify as an Indian-American; Indian comes first.  Don’t ask me why, it’s not like I’m more Indian than American.  To be honest, I view myself as much more the latter, in the sense that I identify most with American culture.  I think that’s what America is in a nutshell, an amalgamation of people who are comfortable with the distinct culture that exists here.  This culture extends to, and is a big part of what people eat and have eaten throughout the years.  I gained this interest in the food culture of America and India based on my experience reading the national bestseller Heat written by Bill Buford.  This book studies the experiences of a man working under chef Mario Batali and his struggles with grasping the different intricacies of both American and traditional Italian food.  Reading about the rich culture of Italy and how deeply the people there care about their food inspired me to read more into the food of my own homeland of India.



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